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Were Wars 2 the Rats
Added: 26th January 2010
Played: 394

After the start of the lycanthrope battle,the wererats have decided to join the fray and see what profit can be had.

Tags: werewolf card cards strategy
Graveyard Maniacs
Added: 15th October 2010
Played: 255

It's Halloween and monsters are hanging around stealing candies. It's now time to push some pumpkins and get rid of them!

Tags: halloween pumpkin push monsters zombies werewolf vampire arcade bomberman
Added: 18th June 2013
Played: 144

I woke up in a room... It is not locked and I remember everything. I'm a werewolf. Tonight I will turn and people will die, unless I find a way to prevent myself from escaping this place.

Tags: point and click escape adventure puzzle werewolf en