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Tripeaks Mahjong
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 507

Crossover between Tripeaks Solitaire Game and Mahjong.

Tags: mahjong tripeaks solitaire golf card game patience mahjongg mahjong game
Tripeaks Reserve
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 422

Using superior card skills get the gold from the Tripeaks Reserve. This version of Tripeaks introduces a unique gameplay twist that will challenge your logic, memory and planning skills.

Tags: solitaire tripeaks card cards card game
Tripeaks Solitaire
Added: 5th January 2010
Played: 524

Enjoy summer all the year round playing free online Bahama TriPeaks solitaire game. Travel through eight islands discovering nature. Challenge yourself with 80 levels of stunning solitaires. Great 3D graphic effects, charming sounds and tropical nature will entrance you with full presence effect....

Tags: Tripeaks Solitaire card game board game solitaire flash online game play for free 3D graphic
Halloween Tripeaks
Added: 5th January 2010
Played: 596

Bring back the happy haunted home of Frankenstein and his Witch bride in this spooky solitaire treat.

Tags: solitaire tripeaks card game cards patience tri peaks
CardMania - Golf Solitaire
Added: 28th February 2014
Played: 122

Play through 30 levels of golf solitaire, in this stunningly simple, addictive card game with a fun theme.

Tags: golf solitaire solitaire tripeaks
Space Odyssey Solitaire
Added: 28th February 2014
Played: 61

New solitaire game with two types of gameplay and a lot of levels. Move from one planet to another and return to the Earth where Grace is waiting. There are twenty planets with 5 levels in each, so 100 levels in sum for your continuous pleasure.

Tags: card tripeaks solitaire cards tri-peaks en