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Invade Earth
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 405

This game is about an alien that is invading earth. You can see many kinds of historic and futuristic planes. I want to thank my mom and dad and my friends for helping me with this game. Thanks a lot. Hope you like :D

Tags: earth invade spaceship holgeir564 bellx1 spitfire tigermoth gloster 35 jumpjet f-35
Asteroid Disc Collector
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 374

Your mission is to collect Alien artefact Energy discs, that are dispersed around a world,which is cluttered with dangerous asteroids. presented by caturix

Tags: asteroids scroll collect avoid spaceship avoider alien artefact
space invaders
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 348

space game that players shoot enemyships.

Tags: spaceship space battlestar shooting shoot
Galaxy Quest
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 330

GalaxyQuest is a simple dodge-rocks and get-jewels sort of game. Use the arrow keys to move your spaceship up and down, left and right. Try to collect the jewels, and dodge the rocks. In addition, you must also collect fuel cans to increase ship fuel, and collect hammers to reduce ship damage....

Tags: space ship spaceship jewels diamond diamonds rocks meteors comets asteroids dodge pick collide fuel damage avoid keyboard arrow keys obstacles
space ace delta
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 401

shoot the enemies and survive

Tags: space shooter game fun outerspace ship spaceship ships spaceships shootout
Namnix: Prelude
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 364

A prequel to the game Namnix (coming soon). Namnix: Prelude is a simple shooter game where you travel through space collecing bits of the rare element "Namnix." However, watch out! The Enemy have mined the sector of Space where you are looking for Namnix

Tags: Namnix shooter spaceships ufo
Flash Invaders
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 307

Flash Invaders is a classic Space Invaders clone from Use the arrow keys to move your spaceship. Press space to fire your canon. Destroy all enemies before they kill you.

Tags: space invaders flash space ship
Down TD
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 350

Alien spaceships are coming to earth ! Build up a strong defense and stop them. Play additional Tower Defence Games.

Tags: tower td defense
Dawn of the Hulker
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 281

Fight epic battles, conquer planets and constantly expand and upgrade your fleet. The known galaxy shall be destroyed. By you.

Tags: rts real time strategy space ships spaceship Dawn of the Hulker Vipegames Vipe Games
Whooly 2
Added: 5th January 2010
Played: 376

The fate of a lost spaceship depends on the bravery of Whooly and you. Join in his adventure full of colors.

Tags: whooly lartargames adventure platform whindy