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Balloon Busters
Added: 3rd January 2010
Played: 468

We have jazzed up the popular bubble game! We've put a new angle to it, literally. How many balloons can you pop in 5 minutes? Try to get on top of the high scores!

Tags: balls balloon busters bubble spinner bubble spinner puzzle bobble
playSEGA Ice Shuffle
Added: 3rd January 2010
Played: 268

Ice Shuffle is a skill game combining curling and pinball, so you’ll have to take to the ice as you target the top scores.

Tags: sega playSega ice shuffle curling hockey
Sick Leave
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 444

Make sure your health stays low or you will have to go back to work!

Tags: funny fun platform highscores irregular simple 2d physics
Snowball Now
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 467

Score as much as you can by throwing snowballs at snow figures. Will you be the champion? Nice litle game for this Christmas and New Year holidays!

Tags: snow ball figures ice figure kids teens play fun winter run christmas jeux noel hiver cool cold action shooting shooters skill high scores championship great fun quick games short brief fast gaming free gratuit gratis juegos bolas nieve navidad jogos natal neve cortos rapidos entertainment ice shape featured leaderboards
3d Motorcycle Racing Deluxe
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 792

3D Motorcycle Racing Game. Race again 3 opponents. Complete 3 laps to get a chance to enter your name in best time scores table. To unlock new tracks you must be the first on finish line or click on UNLOCK link.

Tags: Driving Riding Biking Motorcycle Bike Racing Race Quad
Solitaire Titans
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 467

Solitaire Titans is a social solitaire game featuring the character crew from the internationally reknowned Tennis Titans game by Skunk Studios. It's the classic Solitaire you know and love, with personality and a seriously cool high scores system. You can challenge the world, or just specific...

Tags: Solitaire Tennis Titans Skunk Studios Klondike Klondike Solitaire
Skeet Shooting
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 365

It's shooting time! Load your rifle and shoot the flying sheets. Different colors of skeets represent different scores. Reach the goal by hitting the target and you will make it to the next level. Please try not to shoot a pigeon, which will end the game. Good luck and enjoy!

Tags: skeet shooting.shooting games action puzzles.
Super Ski Championship
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 438

A quickgame, where you ski in the snow. The goal is to score as much as possible. Will you score highest among all players and be the champion?

Tags: super ski championship skill sports games snow christmas mountains fast speed action moving high scores highscores teens fun play quickgame quickplay quick short funny sports
Twin Image Memory
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 220

Play this game, for test your memory skill.

Tags: Memory Game High Scores Nice game Object Speed.
Tactic Balance
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 414

Make a percet balance. Collect maximum scores using all of block numbers.

Tags: Balance tactic strategy education tactic balance addict addicting