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Added: 3rd January 2010
Played: 560

Your keyboard is your instrument - can you feel the beat? Test yourself against driving rhythms and complex melodies, and discover awesome new music!

Tags: rhythm flash piano keyboard techno rock folk orchestra jazz
60 Seconds of Super Crazy Balls
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 672

Test your reflexes and your concentration in this game developed for the Mochi contest 60 Seconds to Fame. You have 60 seconds or less to get as many points as possible, only the most skilled players can succeed.

Tags: nov2009-contest balls Rhythm Reflexes skill 60 seconds crazy
Musical Penguins
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 203

Repeat the sequence of lights and sounds.

Tags: classic memory rhythm
Lin Chung Combat
Added: 1st April 2010
Played: 481

When High Roller and his evil minions launch their attack on Big Green, Lin Chung is the only champion who stands in their way. In the rhythm action game Lin Chung Combat, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to guide our hero through a series of devastating martial arts moves as he fights his...

Tags: Hero 108 Lin Chung Fun Music Rhythm
The Sound Walk
Added: 12th May 2010
Played: 424

Find your way to redemption by keeping the rhythm through your darkest journey.

Tags: sound walk music rythm soul dark hard challenge
Bring It!
Added: 16th June 2010
Played: 402

Dance to the beat and bring your skills to the dancefloor, beach and the street! Choose your character, the place to be and how hot you can handle it. Tell me... can you Bring It! ?

Tags: dance rhythm groove music beat floor sound disco lady guitar hero
Fireworks Fantasy
Added: 28th July 2010
Played: 463

- Make perfect fireworks by firing same color shapes with music and rhythm! - More accuracy give you more scores. - Unlock new songs by finish level with more than 50% success rate. - Play challenge mode to submit your high scores.

Tags: firework fireworks music rythme
Tribal Olympics
Added: 18th October 2010
Played: 622

Use your mouse to control your bone and bat the skulls as far as you can to score the highest distance.

Tags: Olympics Sports Tribal bone scull jungle hit timing rhythm speed distance force power
Take a Walk
Added: 30th October 2010
Played: 356

This game is about music, rhythm and walk. It is easy to play, but if you want to complete the whole game(unlock all achievements), you must be fully immersed in music. Have fun!

Tags: rhythm music scratch platform healing journey relaxing achievement
Shmusicup Lite
Added: 22nd May 2011
Played: 359

Shmusicup (Shoot-music-up) is a hybrid of a rhythm/music game and a shoot'em up where the enemy bullet patterns are generated by any mp3 chosen from your music collection! Shmusicup Lite is a lite version of the full game at Try it out for free now!

Tags: action shmusicup shooter shmup shootemup music mp3 songs rhythm beats synthesizer en