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Empire Builder Ancient Eygpt
Added: 3rd January 2010
Played: 279

A Resource Manager game.

Tags: resource manager
The Boomlands
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 413

Customize your King and troops to conquer ten different lands! The Boomlands is a defense type strategy game, where you hire units to gather resources or attack the enemy, who does the same. The goal is to knock down the enemy's castle. There are also Structures in the game, which can be...

Tags: strategy defence defense siege castle boomlands knight king troops army RTS medieval customisation war battle archer cannon catapult
Added: 5th January 2010
Played: 403

SpaceShadows is a online multiplayer space game. At first, the player chooses one of three leagues ; Liberty league, Business Enterprise or Rising empire. The main objective is to destroy ennemy ships, but the player can also harvest, buy and sell resources, board passengers, become part of a...

Tags: space shooting mmorpg multiplayer
Life Ark 5
Added: 19th June 2010
Played: 451

Following their monumental escape from the monster blackhole, The Life Arkeans travelled through non-space to enter an entirely new universe. After eons of travel they come across a suitable solar system of planets, with one inhabited world... the Earth! In their giant space craft, the Life...

Tags: point and click
The humans are dead
Added: 12th October 2010
Played: 438

The humans are dead is an actual board game, similar to War, Catan, Kingsburg and other board games where players have to make meaningful decisions in order to beat their opponents. Players can produce and find resources to advance their civilization, build walls to protect their territory,...

Tags: Board Game Strategy Turn Based Robots Evolution
Feed Mr. Peterson - Halloween Edition
Added: 27th October 2010
Played: 168

It's time for Halloween and this time you're giving Mr. Peterson all the candy you can find! Are you the one who can feed Mr. Peterson the most? In a puzzle combination of Collapse and Resource Management, you have 60 seconds to feed Mr. Peterson as much food and colored gems as possible. This...

Tags: match 3 collapse match halloween pumpkin cat cute candy match-3
Toy Titan
Added: 23rd March 2011
Played: 399

How many days does it take to become a millionaire? Find out in this fun resource management game featuring characters from three Wandering Panda Comics strips! Help Mr. Shen (Awkward Reference), Mister Goh (Mister Goh) and Ritz the Rboot (Robot in the City) follow their dreams as toy makers and...

Tags: resource management diner dash comics mister goh mr. shen shen games ritz the robot ritz robot in the city resource management time management time en
Marching Zombies
Added: 6th July 2011
Played: 522

Defend you're Farm from Zombies Invasion, collect the resource to buy weapons and traps by swapping the resource block.

Tags: zombie 3match en
Heavy Pawnage
Added: 24th March 2012
Played: 274

Scour the land for destructible items such as crates and road cones for valuable resources (ammo, health pack and gold). Manage your resources and fight your way against hordes of drones. Frontpaged on Newgrounds and Kongregate Daily 3rd on Newgrounds ----------FEATURES------- ---------- -12...

Tags: robots upgrades action shooter mech fun
Added: 5th October 2013
Played: 232

He's the Firefarta. Twizz'ed Firefarta! This cartoon fellow actually can not jump. But he has gas! Use these resources to fly up in the air and to master this funny platform puzzler.

Tags: funny crazy cartoon skill flying gas stupid weird fart farting flatulence platform insane en