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Infectonator! : Christmas Edition
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 305

Infect people, turn Santa into a zombie, and ruin Christmas Holiday before it even begins!

Tags: infectonator toge productions Christmas holiday zombie
Christmas Coloring
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 516

Coloring a Christmas tree next to an fireplace. Drawing done by Vannetti Productions (

Tags: Christmas Tree Fireplace Coloring
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 514

Zombie infections' madness, turn people into zombies in 60 seconds, upgrade your zombies to more powerful ones, get the highest score by destroying and infecting the town

Tags: Infectonator Infect zombie toge productions nov2009-contest
Infectonator! : World Dominator
Added: 9th February 2010
Played: 852

Infect people, turn them into zombies, and dominate the World!

Tags: infectonator world dominator toge productions zombies
Planetary Conflict
Added: 7th December 2010
Played: 466

Planetary Conflict is a turn-based tactical squad. You’ll lead a band of mercenary squad fighting alien threats, space pirates, and travel to the depths of the galaxy where a dark secret awaits you. Features: - Isometric view - Custom character creation - Tactical turn-based squad battle...

Tags: planetary conflict toge productions turn based strategy mmo social scifi space
Blosics 3
Added: 15th November 2011
Played: 230

INTRODUCING BLOSICS 3 - OUR NEW PHYSICS PUZZLER! Sequel to extremely popular BLOSICS 2 - experienced by over 40 million online players! • 30 NEW LEVELS! Prepare to enter a vivid world filled with exciting challenges. Colored blocks come alive and transform into impressive structures. They...

Tags: blosics physics puzzle shooting fun simple addictive blocks balls explosive iPhone iOS iPod iPad igrek productions fdg entertainment en
Necronator II
Added: 10th December 2011
Played: 358

The Necronator and his army of darkness have returned! Gather your army and prepare for battle, once again war is upon us! This is the sequel of the hit RTS game, Necronator. Complete 6 different campaigns from 6 different races. Fight on forests, mountains, and wastelands. Upgrade your army,...

Tags: Necronator Toge Productions Zombie Undead Infection Infectonator warcraft strategy defense rts medieval fantasy en