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Power Pinball
Added: 5th January 2010
Played: 494

Pinball, with powerups. Tag different groups of mushrooms to activate special modes, get huge bonuses and point streaks!

Tags: power pinball powerpinball power pinball arcade classic ninjakiwi
Bloons Insanity
Added: 1st February 2010
Played: 257

Think you're good at Bloons? Think again. This pack contains 50 of the hardest, meanest, most brutally insane Bloons levels ever devised by man or monkey.

Tags: bloons hard expert insane pop monkey ninjakiwi
Bloons Supermonkey
Added: 23rd February 2010
Played: 631

Take control of Super Monkey as he embarks on a Bloon popping frenzy through 5 stages and 15 waves. Collect and use Power Blops to upgrade Super Monkey in three different skill paths. Watch out for super powerups and make sure you score at least Bronze in each wave to advance to the next. Good luck!

Tags: bloons super monkey ninjakiwi moab bfb btd4 btd tower defense super dart
Knight Elite
Added: 14th May 2010
Played: 350

As a brave Knight, it is up to you to repel 50 waves of orcs, ogres and other terrors from the fort. Hold them off at the barricades, or fight them toe to toe inside the castle. Build buildings to fortify your position, unlock new equipment, or create friendly soldier training options. Equip...

Tags: SAS knight orc defense defence castle ninjakiwi ninja
Bloons 2
Added: 6th November 2010
Played: 271

Bloons 2 is here! A worthy and awesome sequel at last to our original Bloons game.

Tags: Bloons super monkey dart balloon awesome ninjakiwi ninja
Bloons 2 Christmas Expansion
Added: 15th December 2010
Played: 225

Get into the Christmas spirit with this special festive season themed pack of all new Bloons 2 levels! Bloons 2 Christmas Pack contains all new levels and special Christmas themed graphics and music.

Tags: christmas bloons monkey ninjakiwi dart
Bloons 2: Spring Fling
Added: 19th April 2011
Played: 235

Spring is here! Bloons is back with a basket full of brand new Spring themed levels. Help Monkey find his lounge chair on the beach by getting through all 48 levels - and can you find the 2 secret levels?

Tags: bloons ninjakiwi monkey dart btd spring seasons en
Hungry Sumo
Added: 10th June 2011
Played: 428

Hungry Sumo! Eat more to grow your sumos bigger and stronger. Learn to defeat your enemies with cunning, guile and a huge bowl of rice! 50 exciting fun levels to bounce through - play this completely unique and brand new Ninja Kiwi game.

Tags: sumo ninjakiwi ninja fun puzzle arcade levels crazy japan japanese en
Meeblings Player Pack 1
Added: 28th February 2014
Played: 60

After 120 million plays of meeblings 1 and 2, the time is right for 50 new levels designed by you, the players. Enjoy hours more challenging fun with the familiar colourful friends, the Meeblings.

Tags: cute meeblings edible fun ninjakiwi en
Added: 28th February 2014
Played: 217

Help the Meeblings! Use the Meeblings special abilities to rescue as many as possible each level. Explore the Meeblings' world in all 50 fun filled levels.

Tags: meeblings puzzle addictive fun ninjakiwi addicting physics cute