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Epic Fail
Added: 9th March 2011
Played: 271

One rabbit. One life. And many traps.

Tags: rabbit bunny epic fail mine ufo labyrinth monty python mif2000 en
big LITTLE plagiary 3: Made in China
Added: 8th April 2011
Played: 249

"Good artists copy, great artists steal." - P.Picasso. It is a extraordinary platform arcade game in new genre of computer and video games - "Game Parody".

Tags: parody game parody indie indie game big little plagiary 3 made in china china mif2000 eye eye head black photo en
Running Men
Added: 8th October 2011
Played: 271

Some global Corporation carries out professional development training for their managers. You play as one of these managers, who perform the tasks of training by means of guinea pigs. You've never seen anything like it. At first glance, you might think that it's a usual arcade-puzzle game. But...

Tags: indie mif2000 running men indirect control social satire sci-fi science fiction horror thriller suspense drama guinea pig retro corporation big brother the running man room 101 1984 george orwell orwell apple 1984 portal valve anti-utopia violence psychology experiment en
Disk&World RPG
Added: 21st November 2012
Played: 260

Parody of classical fantasy role-playing games with three playable characters and amusing battle system.

Tags: mif2000 en
Steampunk Odyssey
Added: 21st November 2012
Played: 250

Help Abe to find a way out of the dark mechanical city.

Tags: mif2000 steampunk en
Added: 29th June 2013
Played: 167

Linguistic arcade game in Pop Art style.

Tags: mif2000 arcade puzzle words word plarform en