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Jigsaw: Cold Water
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 201

I do believe that taking a swim here would be a little bit cold.

Tags: water snow ice tree nature forest stream jigsaw puzzle
The Stone of Destiny
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 366

Fascinating hidden object game The Stone of Destiny has something for every adventurous spirit in search of intrigue. Mysterious disappearance of your uncle is only the beginning of a thrilling journey, during which you will explore pyramids, heart of the forest, dark cellar, sea bottom and lots...

Tags: hidden object quest i-spy casual adventure indiana jones
Sky Anger
Added: 1st February 2010
Played: 355

Flying over the snow-covered forest somewhere in the Arctic Circle, you fought with the remnants of the Nazi army. Your main enemy - a giant helicopter. He will meet you more than once!

Tags: shooter wither flying plane nazy forest
Added: 6th February 2010
Played: 341

Bloat. was created in roughly twenty-two hours by our company president Ryan Henson Creighton, for the weekend game design expo TOJam 4.

Tags: creatures critters action lemmings puzzle platformer eating eat colours color colors colours matching fire leaf forest water adorable cute friendly
Added: 18th February 2010
Played: 345

Guide Finwick and his friend Pentella through an exciting adventure in which they uncover a dark secret in Fargrown Forest. Players must use fast reflexes and creative problem solving skills to overcome the deadly obstacles that await within.

Tags: Platform Action Puzzle SmallGreenHill Finwick
Jesus: The Arcade Game
Added: 10th March 2010
Played: 1133

You take on the role of the son of God himself and are resurrected yet again to take on the forces of evil. In this demo you will venture through 2 different locations, The burning church and the forest, fighting the forces of hell who have been summoned to earth, from demon knights, zombies...

Tags: brawler beat em up tmnt simpsons arcade ninja turtles arcade game scrolling beat em up fighting game jesus satan demon kkk
Added: 23rd March 2010
Played: 379

Squirrelfall thrusts the player into the role of a squirrel struggling to survive as he falls to certain death. A squirrel knows that just because you die in the end, doesn't mean you can't have fun on the way down.

Tags: squirrel fall avoider pigeon pigeons falling forest burning fire nuts flaming death blood cute outfits costumes
Clan Wars - Goblins Forest
Added: 27th April 2010
Played: 441

As Chief of your Goblin Clan you must defend your stronghold and lead an army against your enemies in this strategic fantasy game. Clan Wars is an addictive strategy game in a fantasy setting. It combines elements of Defense, RPG and Action. Train your Armies, Upgrade your Stronghold, Learn...

Tags: goblin defense strategy wars clan fantasy orc tower dragon archer soldier gold
Going the Distance 6 - Too Scared
Added: 8th July 2010
Played: 412

Alexander finds himself lost in a spooky forest. Can he find his way out in time? Use dice and see how far you can run! Hopefully you'll get out of the forest before he gets scared to death! Utilizing dice rolling and strategy, just how far can you run?

Tags: dice chance humor going the distance yahtzee
Granny Strikes Back
Added: 20th September 2011
Played: 301

An epic shooter with time management, tower defence and RPG elements. This story happened in deep forest, where old Granny lived far away from civilization. One day a flying saucer crashed near her house, and Granny's peaceful life came to an end…

Tags: shooting action defense defence funny alien snow snowmen granny addicting achievements upgrades skills RPG weapons en