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Pandemic Boy
Added: 3rd January 2010
Played: 470

Evolve infect and kill people with your virus! Use vomiting, coughing and coconuts to infect everyone in 16 levels Developed by: vabolt

Tags: virus infect disease pandemic bacteria death die sick spread cough coconut vomit people kill evolve
Harbor Defence
Added: 6th January 2010
Played: 404

A disease has come on a ship in the form of gas clouds, you must defend against it!

Tags: defence defense water gun shoot harbor ship gas cloud
Feeding Frenzy
Added: 27th December 2013
Played: 176

Devour bacteria and cancer cells to defeat cancer and infections as a white blood cell or chemo agent. Platform-style gameplay lets players explore the human body, and progress earns upgrades that make players even more powerful.

Tags: Stage3D disease blood cell chomp eat capsule virus cancer white cell en
Added: 28th December 2013
Played: 106

Player only needs simply match cells to create cell-soldiers and fight with Joker's germ legion. Game features - Joker, old enemy of JimJack were back again, and brought his insane germ legion. Destroy bodies and spirits! - 15 patients, 75 stages, and several diseases waiting for your...

Tags: Stage3D doctor puzzle fantasy game candy crash saga zh-cn en
Added: 28th February 2014
Played: 86

Cancer cells are lurking, holding healthy cells captive and starving. Players seek and destroy cancer and rescue healthy cells as a specialized nanobot armed with chemo medicine bombs. Platform-style gameplay features navigating and exploring inside the body to fight cancer.

Tags: capsule cancer disease nanobot body human hospital robot flight en