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HeliAssult Redux
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 325

A revision of the Chopper game where you fly through a battlefield chasing a specified target within a time limit. Each level you can upgrade your craft with your bounty

Tags: Chopper shooter upgrades
Shadez 2: Battle for Earth
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 427

The follow up to Shadez: The Black Operations. More control, more explosions, more fun... take on this unknown force of killing machines with Helicopters, Troops, Tanks and Airstrikes. Construct a base to keep reinforcements coming.

Tags: rts apache chinoook tank alien machines combat action battlefield battle m16 marine rocket commando special operation death
Helicopter - The Game
Added: 25th March 2010
Played: 537

Helicopter - The Game is a fast paced arcade shooter. The aim of the game is to carry across soldiers from the battleship and deploy them into the battlefield. You will also have to contend with enemies trying to stop you by shooting back! Compete for the high score.

Tags: helicopter shooter arcade fun
Valkyrie: Battlefield
Added: 8th June 2010
Played: 311

A vehicular combat game called Valkyrie: Battlefield. Players will take on the role of a mechanical suit (mech) pilot and have to battle their way through level after level of varying and colourful opponents.

Tags: Hard Circle mech gundam core simulator action shooting pilot simulation mechwarrior warrior
Pixel Dodge 2
Added: 30th October 2010
Played: 235

The sequel to Pixel Dodge. Now you will be controlling two different paddles to dodge all the green blocks in a twisty-turvy battlefield! How many points can you score!

Tags: dodge keyboard dual action avoid
Bio Zombie
Added: 30th January 2012
Played: 322 original game Our hero, Bruce, was a retired soldier who was detained in a sleep chamber on a secret island laboratory.When he regained consciousness, he discovered that he was not alone… Zombies and aliens waited patiently in the shadows for their next meal… Help Bruce get out...

Tags: biozombie zombie shoot aumegame shooting adventure Shooter zombie alien hero Biochemical monster biozombie aume aumegames aumegame Legend quest big awesome Bruce Battlefield battle soldier terror Resident Evil Vampire Adventure boys Dinosaur en
Relic of War
Added: 10th August 2012
Played: 327

The year is 1947 and The Great War never ended. A powerful ancient relic has been uncovered! Now, twisted experiments and giant war machines walk the battlefield...forever changing the face of war! Relic of War is a strategy game set in an alternate 1940's timeline. Train your soldiers, unlock...

Tags: alternate history world war 2 ww2 real time strategy company of heroes nazi hitler germany soldier europe eastern front paranormal wolfenstein
Incursion 2: The Artifact
Added: 16th July 2013
Played: 194

Dark forces come again. The kingdom calls upon you to fight against this forces. Our lands needs a hero! Lead your brave squad at the battlefield and save the realm.

Tags: td tower defense defense strategy war army action upgrades fantasy en
Zombie Trapper2
Added: 5th November 2013
Played: 308

Shooting the zombies is not enough at all, you have to trap them! A combination of platformer, shooting, defense and strategy! You cannot win by just triggering your guns, you have to use the traps! Set traps on the way that zombies pass, it helps a lot during your battle with them! Can you...

Tags: zombie gun shooting action blood upgrade shooter battlefield. en
Snake Squad
Added: 28th February 2014
Played: 68

Make your supreme squad and survive in battlefield as long as you can. Collect loot and upgrade your squad. Every taken soldier heals you (+ 5HP). At x10 kill combo you'll get an air-strike.

Tags: snake squad endless survive shoot war soldiers battlefield commander upgrade score en