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Zombie King
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 357

You are the zombie king in this game. Move around the ground using the mouse, and touch your victims with your magic wand to infect them. If you infect your victim several times your victim turns himself into a zombie.

Tags: Zombie. King Magic-wand Immunity Virus.
Zombie Man 2
Added: 30th April 2010
Played: 433

The world has gone to hell, and the zombies are taking over. In this game you play both human and zombie. You can only change from human to zombie and back again 5 times. Mission or survival modes. Mission objective points shown on the map. If you are changed from your primary form...

Tags: zombie scientists lab dark scary freaky horror
Zombotron 2
Added: 24th July 2013
Played: 232

A good zombie - it's a dead zombie. Agree? Then you're not mistaken with the address. You will have a chance to test it in practice. Destroy all zombies. Destroy all other enemies. And save the planet. The planet Zombotron! You won't see a shortage of weapons and ammunition. Forward! God of War...

Tags: zombies physics shooter platformer racing en
Headless Zombie
Added: 11th October 2013
Played: 252

It is a story about a former nobleman called Carl, who converted into a zombie. Carl is trying to sort things out in his difficult situation and become a human again, but keeps losing his head again and again.

Tags: physics platform platformer zombie en
i saw her standing there
Added: 28th February 2014
Played: 209

i saw her standing there... but then she was a zombie. A game about zombies, guns, love and dealing with your girlfriend when she turns into a zombie.

Tags: platformer zombie guns love story en