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Whooly And The Lost Treasures
Added: 3rd January 2010
Played: 481

Meet Whooly, a not too smart fox, with a fantastic imagination and matched only by his cute Hair. Join the fun, as Whooly tries to find an exit from an unknown world and battle against a series of intimidating enemies.

Tags: whooly lartargames adventure puzzle maze
Hong Kong Zombieland
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 499

Hong Kong has turned into zombie city in one night due to unknown virus outbreak.The zombies are deadly and they are hunting for fresh meat across the city. You are being trapped on the rooftop of an office building in the city centre and are waiting a rescue helicopter. Unfortunately, the...

Tags: action game zombie mouse pointer agile agility action adventure other
Shadez 2: Battle for Earth
Added: 4th January 2010
Played: 427

The follow up to Shadez: The Black Operations. More control, more explosions, more fun... take on this unknown force of killing machines with Helicopters, Troops, Tanks and Airstrikes. Construct a base to keep reinforcements coming.

Tags: rts apache chinoook tank alien machines combat action battlefield battle m16 marine rocket commando special operation death
Soccer Kids Deluxe
Added: 5th January 2010
Played: 467

Soccer Kids Deluxe is an Arcade Sport game. This game offers Exhibition matches with up to 4 players at once! Challenges to complete in both Solo and Coop! Plus two different Mini Games to play in Solo, Coop, or Versus! The game also contains an Achievement Menu, and Unlockable Extras!

Tags: Soccer Kids Deluxe Unknown Origin
When The Plague Came
Added: 12th February 2010
Played: 400

An unknown virus plagued the planet, bringing all sorts of monstrosities, ranging from zombies to flying beasts. Enter this apocalyptic world and try to survive as much as possible. With your set of hand-made improvised weapons. Featuring: -28 levels. Plus 2 hiden bonus levels. -8...

Tags: Zombies Defense Monsters Shooting rustyarcade cicla virus
Unknown Sector
Added: 28th February 2010
Played: 396

Stranded in a hostile and unfamiliar part of the galaxy, only your instincts will save you from certain defeat. - Outfit your ship with guns, missiles, armor and engines. - Change your ship's color with up to 24 different options. - Face 95 challenging and diverse levels, attaining...

Tags: space shooter pirate action spaceship
Spaceman vs Monsters
Added: 19th January 2013
Played: 236

Help a brave space crew that landed on unknown planet to free itself from dangerous but very funny looking monsters

Tags: monster gun space physics cute rocket kill en
Added: 13th May 2013
Played: 156

Now the time has come for a new super-hero. A psychedelic warrior, a tireless researcher of the transcendental, an heir to ancient shamanic traditions – Tripman, has been called to free the professor's mind from the abyss of schizophrenic nonsense. Going into a trance, our hero penetrated...

Tags: puzzle adventure delusions unknown psychedelic trance subconscious mind physics en
Back2Back. Commander
Added: 15th May 2013
Played: 228

Witness an outstanding journey to the outer space planets, defeat your enemies and collect their powers, uncover mysteries of the unknown alien device and grab your reward, which can be used in further PvP battles.

Tags: back2back turn-based cards strategy en
Primal Sands
Added: 23rd May 2013
Played: 194

Your ship has crash-landed on an unknown desert planet. Use your MPTU (Multi-Purpose Tank Unit) to repair your vessel and defend it from attacking alien life forms!

Tags: upgrades defense shooter space aliens tank guns en