Vice chairman of China Insurance Association Branch Wu Yibin

Multicolored usher in a stage of rapid development

Color treasure seekers Branch Executive Vice President Wu Yibin, multicolored market in China after 10 years of widespread, ushered in a phase of rapid development. Multicolored market in 2005 from more than 2 billion yuan in retail sales, development to the more than 6 billion yuan in 2009, especially after 2000, multicolored entered a period of rapid development, annual growth of 30%~50%. Under the global financial crisis and the domestic economic slowdown, China's jewelry industry growth slowed this year, lots of jewelry, including diamonds, emeralds, category sales declined, but color 10% Po remained about growth, it is a rare and welcome results.

domestic multicolored designers lack Foundation in the idea expressed

Wu Yibin said the past two years, the multicolored design has been greatly promoted, although international standards multicolored design masters are still gaps, but this distance is gradually shrinking. At present, the designer does not lack of good ideas, but in terms of how good ideas can be fully expressed, there is lot of room for improvement, this is a test designer comprehensive knowledge of things. This gap will not end in a short time, it needs to be a process, including a culture for a long time.

market development and consumer buying motives for multicolored market heating up

On the causes of multicolored growth in recent years, Wu Yibin thinks the following two points: one is the development of the market. Diamonds, gold market is saturated, profits "diminishing marginal effect" under the law, more and more companies realize that needs new jewelry category profits growth, many companies paying attention to or enter the color market and on consumer purchase motivations in changing. Now 80, after the market has become a major consumer group, and the 60 's and 70 's "appreciation of the value and" psycho mother jewelry, grandmother level compared to the consumer, it is more about the jewelry itself is nice and fits him or her. Diamonds to consumers has created a "preservation" dreams, and multicolored is bringing people back to reality from dreams, multicolored color colorful, people's daily life can be decorated with colorful, fully express the personality of consumers, so that people learn to live in the moment.

in May this year, gems and jewelry trade association of China colored gemstone branch was established, making multicolored one-on-one situations said goodbye to the companies, on the road to win-win development. It is learnt that the multicolored chapters since its establishment, organising a design contest, design Forum, a multicolored array of promotional activities, the industry and the enthusiastic response of the market. Wu Yibin indicated that in the future, multicolored branch will pursue, vigorously led multicolored enterprises in mining and multicolored culture and fashion design work on multicolored way longer and farther.

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